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Neural Text - Pros / Cons / Demo & Alternatives

Neural Text is a software that uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to help marketers get more out of their content marketing.  One thing that really sets it apart from competitors is its focus on SEO (search engine optimization).  

It has three main aspects within the software which include AI copywriting tools, content optimization tools, and keyword research and keyword clustering.   The only competitor that comes close to this same offering is Conversion AI integrated with Surfer SEO.

neural text
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Neural Text  Features

AI Copywriting Tool

  • Generate text in 25 languages
  • Let Neural Text gather and group keywords or import your own list from Google Search Console, SEMRush, or AHRefs.
    It will group them by similarity and intent.

Content Optimization Tools

  • Content Grader
  • AI Content Editor
  • Create Reusable Content Brief Templates
  • Complete your thoughts with text generated by GPT-3

Keyword Research And Clustering Tools

  • Let Neural Text gather and group keywords or import your own list from Google Search Console, SEMRush, or AHRefs.
  • It will group them by similarity and intent.
NeuralText Templates

Neural Text Pricing

Neural Text offers a free trial, that does not require a credit card to begin. The free plan includes 5 content briefs, 5 keyword reports, and 50 smart copy runs. 

Paid plans start at $49 and include the following:

  • 60 Content Briefs
  • 100 Keyword Reports
  • 200 Smart Copy Runs
  • 1,000 Keyword Clustering Reports

Paid plans unlock more content templates and 7 additional languages


All in one content marketing solution.

Free plan.


Not quite as good as individual alternatives

Final Thoughts

I always prefer having as many tools as possible in a single place.  Neural Text does a pretty good job of bringing the most important content marketing tools into a single place.  Allowing you to start with keyword research, brainstorm article topics, then generate headline ideas, then article intros, then bullet points, etc.  It really does a great job of encompassing most of the content marketing process.  

I think Neural Text is a great solution for most niche website or authority site builders affiliate marketers, content creators, etc.  However, the most serious ones who have a good budget, may want to check out the individual options instead.  For example, I am currently using Conversion AI and Surfer SEO to perform this same process and I think they are both slightly easier to use and better at their specific tasks.

Reviewed by Scott

Neural Text Alternatives

I think Surfer does a better job at keyword research, creating keyword clusters, and giving highly actionable content audits.  I also like using Conversion AI's long form assistant more for generating text.  I start by creating an outline and then use to answer any simple questions.  After that, I copy and paste that output into Surfer SEO's content editor to continue writing.  This way I can easily see which topics and related words I have mentioned and still be careful that I haven't over optimized the article.  I do plan to keep testing Neural Text in the future to see if its any easier to use and could replace those two softwares.  

Writer Zen is another alternative to Neural Text.  It focuses more on keyword research, generating topic ideas, more than content generation.  WriterZen is a must use tool for content marketers in 2022.  


By Scott
Updated on January 28, 2023

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