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WordCram was initially only a word cloud software that ran on Processing.  The WordCram software was created by Dan Bernier in 2010.   You can learn about installing and using it at our installation page., the website, is now run by Scott Bassano and is more focused on creating valuable content around AI Copywriting and Content Generation Tools.  We review, compare, and demo various ai content generation software.  We are hoping to release our own content generation software in the near future.

Our Review Process

Our review process involves experts with years of experience in digital marketing, content creation, content optimization, and copywriting, testing the various software.  Our ultimate goal is to save you time and provide you with accurate information that we have gathered through in depth research, testing, and head to head comparisons.  This way you can find the perfect software that will solve your problems.  We take a slightly different approach than some competitors and never fill our pages with useless text for search engines.  We try to give you actionable info in as few words as possible.  






From time to time we will go back through and update our articles to make sure we are giving you the most up to date info possible.  

Some of the characteristics that can be found in the products we suggest include:

  • Easy to use / short learning curve
  • Solves problems and will save you time
  • Highly rated by customers across multiple review sites
  • Established within the market / market leader
  • Reasonably priced does not accept paid placements for any of our articles.   We would never accept payment in exchange for a positive review.  If we recommend a software, its because its a tool we use and get alot of value from it.



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Disclaimer:  Some of the links on this page are affiliate links and we may make a small commission if you choose to purchase, (at no cost to you).  The commissions are used to keep testing new software and maintain this site.

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