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AI Writer is an AI content creation software that can generate relevant articles from just a title.  It is geared toward creating relevant and accurate articles with ease.  

One really nice feature is the citations that are included with each draft.  This makes it even faster to check the accuracy of any stats or statements and quickly edit as needed.  

AI Article Writer Pricing

AI Writer is priced fairly at $29 per month.  This includes up to 40 articles.  All of the features are included with every plan.  Including the AI text generator, SEO editor, the text rewording tool, and API access.  They also have a free trial.

$29 per month - 40 Articles


AI Writer Features

Generate full article drafts in just a few moments.  All you need to supply it is a headline or title.

AI Writer was created with SEO in mind, it creates SEO friendly drafts, saving you even more time.

Rewrite content so you can use it multiple times.

The content includes citations making it much quicker to confirm stats are accurate and do any editing needed.  

AI Writer Sample Text

Conclusion - Our Thoughts on AI Writer

AI Writer generates a surprisingly well written draft, when you consider how little text they need to get started.  It will need proofread and edited, but that is the same as any other AI article writer.  Overall its a decent tool that could be very useful for people who are doing a lot of linking.   

Overall I would give it 3.8 out of 5 stars, since it would be best used for backlinks and would require more editing to be used on money sites.  The other disadvantage is the fact that their articles don't have much structure.  They lack subheadings, which makes it look like a wall of text.  

Reviewed by Scott 
Updated on December 12, 2021


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