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Content Villain Review - Pros & Cons of The AI Content Software?


Content Villain has a diverse range of generators which allow you to have copy generated for your specific needs. You can then send content directly to Zapier or Integromat to integrate seamlessly with the other tools from your content marketing stack!

Content Villain offers 50 generation models including the following popular solutions:

  • Product Descriptions (SaaS, Etsy, Food, Ecommerce)
  • Email Creation (Outbound Sales, Meeting Reminders, Confirmations, & more)
  • Blog Assistance (Topic Ideas, Outlines, Introductions)
  • Customer Service Emails & Interactions (SaaS Churn, Issue Refund, Complaints, & more)
  • Cover Letters & more.

Content Villain currently has an App Sumo deal that includes both lifetime access and unlimited credits for a one time price of $69.

Content Villain's roadmap is open and is here to make your content generation needs as simple as possible while keeping innovation a fundamental for the long term. Their web app and the API are now both live, with more features on the way!


Content Villain on AppSumo

5.0  Stars

24  Ratings

Content Villain Features & Templates

50 content generation models as of now.
Webhook integrations can send your content outputs anywhere you want.
Unique quality control process - flag bad outputs and they will give you the credits back. This is valuable feedback they can use to improve the system.
Large focus on integrations. Webhooks available now, with an approved API coming in the near future.


  • 50 content generation models currently
  • $10 per month plan
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Integrations With Zapier and Intergromat
  • Public Roadmap


  • Product Descriptions (Etsy, Food, Ecommerce, SAAS, etc)
  • Email Creation Templates (Outbound Sales, Meeting Reminders, Confirmations, & more)
  • Blog Assistance (Topic Ideas, Outlines, Introductions, etc)
  • Customer Service Messaging & Emails (SaaS Churn, Issue Refunds, Complaints, & more)
  • Cover Letters & more.
  • The images below show just a small sample of what they offer.


Snazzy Website & Ad Templates
Snazzy Website & Ad Templates

Content Villain Pros & Cons


One big advantage that Content Villain has is the ability to check for plagiarism. This does help to differentiate it from competitors, however its only available in the Warrior or Power User Plan. The second advantage is the affordable $10 per month plan. It doesn't have as many features, but atleast they are making an option to fit any budget.

They also have some unique addons, that no competitor that I know of currently has.  One example is their Email Finder, which helps you extract emails from any URL.  For people who do cold email outreach this could be a great bonus.  


Future Roadmap

Content Villain has a public roadmap on Trello that outlines the future updates they have planned along with progress.  


Content Villain Public Roadmap

Content Villain Pricing

Their basic plan starts at $10 per month for 50 credits.  I love the fact that they do have an affordable starter plan.  The only downside is that it doesn't include the plaigiarism checker that the other plans have.  

Overall they offer a large variety templates at a very affordable price.  Even their $25 / month plan includes unlimited generations, which is a really nice bonus.  

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would give it a rating of 4.5.   Its hard to find better pricing with such a large variety of templates.  

Reviewed by Scott
Last Updated January 28, 2023

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