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The Best AI Content Generators With A FREE Plan

AI content generation software and article writers are all the rage right now.  Thankfully, there are even a couple that have free plans.  We'll cover the ones that are more budget friendly in this article and explore their pros, cons, limitations, and our recommendations.  

TLDR Version

Snazzy is the best free content generator we have found.  I like the Conversion AI output quality much more, however its definitely not cheap, so Snazzy beats it in this category.  You can get access to the free plan and with 5 content generations per day here.

Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI is an AI content creation software.  You enter a sentence or two of seed text and it will use your chosen template to generate an output that is ideally both high quality and unique. 

They offer 5 content generations each day with their free plan.  This is enough for you to to test it out and get started.  However, if you plan to create full articles with it, you are going to want to upgrade soon. 

As is, it could be great for people who need help generating ideas for blog posts, headlines, titles, outlines, video desriptions, or product descriptions.  Basically, the types of content that will only require one or two credits. 

Even if you do need to create articles or blog posts with it, you could use it to generate the topic, title, outline, intro, and a summary for the final paragraph.  This would still be much better than writing it from scratch yourself.  


Snazzy AI's Features

Snazzy includes a variety of templates.  The most common ones are listed below.   You can learn more about it in our Snazzy AI review.  


  • Higher quality content generation.


  • Limited to only 5 generations per day.


Neural Text

NeuralText is another AI content tool with a free plan.  I was excited to try Neural text because it has additional features like keyword research and content briefs.  I was hoping it could take the place of two softwares I currently use.



  • 50 Content Generations Each Month
  • Keyword Research 


Unfortunately, I didn't think their user interface was very intuitive or easy to use.  The keyword research aspect of it works fine, but I wasn't happy with their content generation.  Neural Text's text outputs were often off topic and didn't make as much sense.  


Neural Text VS Snazzy AI

  • Snazzy AI's generated content was a better quality and more relevant than NeuralText. 
  • Snazzy gives you more generations per month, but you are limited to 5 each day.  

Neural Text has a better free plan since it:

  • Allows 50 Generations per month.  
  • Includes extra functionality for keyword research and content briefs. 


In conclusion, I would recommend Snazzy's free plan if you are most interested in getting a tool that can generate high quality and unique text.  Although, you can't really go wrong by trying both since they are free. 

I actually still bought the lifetime plan for Neural Text from AppSumo.  I am hoping they can improve their UI and content generation as time goes on and become a great software for niche website owners and content marketers.

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