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KafkAI Review - Pros & Cons of the AI Article Writer?

Kafkai uses a machine learning algorithm that can write unique articles from scratch.  Its a cutting edge technology that all SEOs and marketers should be taking advantage of.  It gives you the ability to create content for cents on the dollar.  

Kafkai was developed by Niteo , the creators of other successful and long standing solutions like WooCart, Easy Blog Networks, and more.  They have been heavily involved in SEO, and have put their knowledge into this tool.  Its articles will perform better in the search engines since they are built for SEO and are more relevant than a general content generator would create.

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KafkAI  Features

  • The articles it creates are typically between 500 - 900 words long.  
  • English only.
  • Variety of niches supported.  Plans to continue adding more.  


KafkAI Supported Niches

How It Works - The 3 Modes Of Operation

KafkAI include the modes of operation.  You will select one based on whether it supports your niche or topic.  If it doesn't you can supply it with seed content to use as a starting point and ideally improve the content it generates.  The output will depend on how specific and lengthy the seed content you supply it is.

General Article Writer

This is used when you have a niche but no specific topic for your article.  It will randomly create an article within your selected niche.

Advanced Niche Article Writer With Seeding

You select a niche from within Kafkai, but also give it a seed paragraph to start from. The seed content is not included in the output so it can come from anywhere. It will give you good results, but may still need to be edited.

General Article Writer Plus Seed Paragraph

Use this mode when Kafkai does not include your niche. You can create content for any niche in this mode. Since this removes the niche specific training, these articles will likely require more editing.

Sample Content From KafkAI

Here is a couple paragraphs from a sample article created by KafkAI.  It was created using the Advanced Writer.  It was supplied the first "seed" paragraph and then used it to create the content below.  This is just a short portion of the article.  You can view full samples for each mode of operation on their website.  

Conversion AI Product Description Template

KafkAI  Pricing

Their plans start at $29 per month which includes 10 articles per day and up to 100 articles per month.   This is more content than you get with some of their alternatives.   So overall, its a great solution for link building content.  I would use it on anything other than a money site.  However, it could be used on a money site after some editing.  


One big advantage KafkAI has is the ability to create full articles.  This will definitely save time versus competitors.  Especially if you plan to use the content for off site uses like link building.  Another good use case might be YouTube descriptions.  Especially if you want to get more relevance in them.


Creating full articles can also be a disadvantage since they will likely be lower quality than alternatives that create small but specific chunks of text at a time.  Overall it will come down to how you plan to use the content.  It may make more sense to use an alternative and spend more time on it for money site content. 

Final Thoughts

Kafkai is a great solution for filler or link building content.  It will need to be edited before being used on a money site.  If you are looking to create money site content I would recommend you check out Conversion AI.

Reviewed by Scott
Updated January 21, 2023

KafkAI Alternatives:

Nichessss is a good alternative to KafkAI you might want to check out.  It has lots of AI templates like Jasper and other competitors.  One main difference between them is that KafkAI is geared more specifically towards generating full articles quickly.  Nichesss has a long form editor that can generate up to 500 words at a time as well.  

If you are willing to put more time into creating articles, Jasper's Boss Mode is a great option.   It works best if you create an outline then use it to create a paragraph or two for each of the headings in your outline.

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