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Nichesss - Our Review Of The Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

Nichesss is one of many AI copy writing tools that have recently launched.  Luckily, it has a number of features that set it apart from its competitors.   

It has most of the common AI content functionality as well such as blog posts and outlines, social media posts, and ad copy.  It can also be used for researching niches for profitable product, service, or course ideas.  

Nichess is currently available from Appsumo as a lifetime deal. It is just a one time payment of $49. Nichesss liftime deal is still available in early 2023.  Its worth picking up if you have not done so yet.

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Features That Set Niches Apart From Competitors:

  • Niche Specific Content Generation Templates
  • Code Snippet Generation Template Giving people who can't code the ability to write code with ease.
  • Analyze things like Reddit Groups to find trending ideas and problems within your niche.
  • Generate business ideas based on talent, hobbies, skills, etc.



  • Multiple features above set it apart from competitors.
  • Its more than just another AI copywriting tool.
  • Niche specific functions give it an edge over competitors.
  • Less expensive than most competitors at just $19 per month.


  • Still relatively new at this point. 
  • Too many templates for people who like simple software.


  • Ad Copy
  • Blog Post Titles, Outlines, Intros, Etc
  • Video Titles, Descriptions, Etc
  • Short Social Media Posts
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Image Post Ideas
  • Business Ideas
  • Feedback Posts (Reddit, Product Hunt, etc)
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Copy Using The PAS Framework
  • Sales Copy (PAS & AIDA Frameworks)
  • FAQ Answer Generator
  • Real Estate Property Descriptions
  • Long Form Content Assistant


Nichesss Pricing

$19 per month - gets you unlimited generations!  That will be hard to beat.  Most competitors do have a higher price point for unlimited generations, however some of them do have more templates and a slightly more user friendly UI.  


7 Day Money Back Guarantee.
What's included:
Unlimited Generations
Analyze 40K+ Sub Reddits
AI Idea Generator
AI Copy Generator
Facebook Community

Final Thoughts

If you have one or two specific products or services and don't need to do as much research it may not be as useful for you.  

Nichesss has an obvious focus around niche based content.  Test it out and see if it gives you better content on your topic.  I haven't tested it on a wide variety of topics yet but I suspect the quality will depend on how well it has been trained within your niche.  You will just have to try it and see if it performs better than alternatives.  

In conclusion, we would recommend Nichesss to people who have specific needs.  It could be a good option for people who create multiple niche websites or have Ecommerce sites and need to do a lot of research.  Finding trends, problems, or hot products early could help give you the edge to get a site ranking quickly or take advantage of cheap paid traffic sources before a trend really picks up.  In these scenarios, the saying is definitely true, time is money, and Nichesss could help you gain more of both.

Reviewed by Scott
Last Upated On January 28, 2023

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