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Generate AI Blog Posts In One Click w/ Content Bot

What Is Content Bot?

Content Bot is another AI article writer that will help you get past writer's block and create AI generated articles with as little as one click.  In addition to GPT-3 they also utilize the TinySeedAI to help create long form content.  

Nick Duncan, the founder, says they have "helped 2310 content marketers and copywriters produce over 3.2million words of copy."

Using Content Bot To Generate Articles And Blog Posts

Content Bot Features

ContentBot is an AI copywriting assistant that can help you generate content for a variety of needs including:

  • Full Length Articles & Blog Posts
  • Product Descriptions
  • Blog Post Topics, Intros, Etc
  • Headlines and Ad Copy
  • Video Ideas
  • Brainstorm Marketing Ideas
  • WordPress Plugin


Pros & Cons

A couple of the main differences between Content Bot and their competitors is the ability to utilize a second AI dataset.  They utilize both Open AI's GPT-3 and also TinySeed AI.  TinySeed AI is what gives them the ability to generate larger amounts of content at once.  The downside is that, from what I have experienced so far it doesn't work quite as well with less common topics.  This could be due to the Tiny Seed AI using a smaller dataset compared to GPT-3.  

  • They also offer some templates that few if any of their competitors offer.  Its really handy having a plagiarism check included, eliminating the need for a separate tool like Copyscape.  
  • One new template that I am interested in using more is the landing page generator.  
  • One downside is that it does seem to be slower than competitors when generating content.
  • The WordPress plugin is one nice addition that I don't think any competitors offer.  


Content Bot has a free plan that includes 10 short form credits each month.  Paid plans start at $29 per month and include unlimited short form credits and 25 long form credits.  The 25 long form article credits should be enough to generate roughly 42,000 words each month.  



Content Bot is a great solution for: Bloggers, marketers, and copywriters who want to speed up content creation by leveraging the power of an AI assistant.  They have a large team behind the product so I am optimistic they will keep innovating and release more features that set them apart from the alternatives for generating AI blog posts.  You won't get really high quality content from a 1 click blog post, but it still has plenty of uses.  It could be used for generating traffic by creating or rewriting answers for Quora, etc.  For money site articles, I will continue using Jasper AI's long form writing assistant.  


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