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What Are AI Content Generators?

AI content generators help you quickly create unique but readable text.  They utilize a kind of artificial intelligence technology that uses machine learning to generate relevant content for various purposes automatically.  Content generation software can be used to automatically generate articles, blog posts, product descriptions, video descriptions, titles and subheadings for ads, or other forms of written text.  While there are many benefits of AI content generation tools, one major benefit is the ability to generate unique and high quality content that will help you drive more traffic and leads with your website. This post will cover ten of the most popular AI writers that are currently available.

Some content generation tools use APIs such as Open AI's GPT-3 to aid in the content creation process.  Most of them include a variety of templates to give you a structured way to supply it with seed content such as a simple description for your product or even just the beginning of a sentence.  The AI will use the seed content to complete the sentence or paragraph in a natural and relevant way.  

The pricing varies a good bit from one software to another, but luckily we have found some that will fit any budget.  This article covers two different AI content generators with free plans.



What To Consider When Selecting An AI Content Generation Tool?

There are multiple factor to consider when comparing content generators and AI copywriting software.  Some are targeted more at general content creation like blog posts, product descriptions, videos, etc.   While others are more focused on copywriting, ads, and would be better at creating content that will convert.  The best options will include templates that will help you accomplish both.

Language Capabilities - Some generators can create content in many different languages.  You should make sure that the one you choose can handle your required language input and output.  Most will be able to process the most common languages at a minimum. 

Benefits of AI Content Generation Software:  AI content generation software has been proven time and again to produce engaging marketing messages by generating “fresh eyes” on copywriting tactics. This technology allows brands to keep up with trends quickly without hiring expensive writers or creating long hours in an office waiting for inspiration to strike

Cons of AI Content Generation Software:  Some business owners have balked at the idea of using AI content generation tools because they believe that it will be difficult to customize and edit the generated text. However, this is a misconception -- many software platforms allow you to input your company’s data into templates or use pre-existing articles as starting points; then, with minor edits, these resources can easily become relevant for any industry!


Conversion.AI Logo

Conversion AI

Conversion AI is a content generation platform that helps marketers quickly create content and convert more leads into customers.  It offers a long form writing assistant in addition to all of the standard generation templates they include.  Such as:  blog post topics, titles, outlines, 

  • Facebook Ad Headlines and Primary Text
  • Google Ad Headlines and Descriptions
  • PAS Framework
  • AIDA Framework
  • Blog Post Outline (Listicle & How To)
  • Product Description
  • Instagram Post Captions
  • Short Social Media Posts
  • Amazon Product Features & Description
  • Video Title and Description
  • Video Script Outline, Hook, & Introduction
  • Email Subject Lines

Benefits:  - Increase your lead conversions with personalized, one-to-one messages - Create and launch responsive landing pages in minutes - Automatically generate targeted media content for any situation or campaign objective.

ConversionAI's mission is to help all businesses succeed by automating the process of content creation and copywriting so they can save you time & money! They are committed to providing world-class support through our team of experts who have experience working at some of the largest companies in Silicon Valley like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Their goal is simple: make it easier for you to increase revenue without investing a fortune into content.  You can learn more about Conversion AI in our review. Logo

Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI is a revolutionary new artificial intelligence content authoring platform that offers businesses an innovative way to generate valuable, engaging content for their websites.  Create articles on any topic in minutes. The product has been featured in Forbes, Wired, Entrepreneur Magazine and more because it's the future of marketing!

Snazzy has a free plan that offers 5 content generations per day. 

5 generations a day isn't much, but it is great that it makes it available to any budget. 

Learn more about Snazzy AI in our full review.


Market Muse

Market Muse is one of the leading AI-powered content generation software for businesses. Market Muse automatically generates evergreen, personalized and engaging articles on any topic in just minutes - with little or even zero writer expertise required.

MarketMuse is an AI-based marketing tool that helps you create high quality blog posts and articles by providing expert copywriters who will write your business’s blogs for them! Market Muse's First Draft will take your content brief and turn it into a thorough and topically relevant article.  


Nichess Logo



Niches has all of the common AI content generation features and then some.  It will also help you research new topics, find new or trending products, and come up with new business ideas.  

  • Niche Specific Content Generatior Templates
  • Code Snippet Creation Template gives people the ability to write code easily.
  • Analyze things like Reddit Groups to find trending topics and problems within your niche.
  • Generate business ideas based around talent, skills, hobbies, etc.


  • Multiple features that set it apart from competitors.
  • Much more than just another AI copy tool.
  • Niche specific functionality gives it an edge over the competition.
  • Lower price than most competitors at $19 per month.


  • Still relatively new at this point. 
  • Too many templates for people who like simple software.

Learn more about it in our full review of Niches.

NeuralText Logo

Neural Text

Neural Text is an AI content marketing tool that has additional features beyond just text generation.  It can also be used for keyword research, keyword clustering, and content optimization.


  • Smart Content Generation
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Clustering
  • Content Optimization


Its great that it has these additional features, however the quality of all of them were much lower than we expected.  Its still a tool that I will continue to test in the hope that they improve it over time.  If they can get it right, it would be awesome because it would have everything you need for content marketing in a single place.  Learn more about it in our full Neural Text review.


Writesonic Logo


WriteSonic is an artificial intelligence-powered content writing tool that can create original, high-quality, and relevant blog posts and articles from scratch in seconds. It is also used to create ad content for landing sites, emails, web page copy, social media posts and adverts that will both convert and resonate with your target market fast.

It has a free trial that provides 10 credits.  The paid plans start at $29 per month for 75 credits.

You can learn more about WriteSonic in our review.  



CreAIte is a groundbreaking content generation software for businesses. It automatically generates high quality, evergreen and personalized articles on any topic in minutes - with little or even zero writer expertise required! CreAIte works at scale to generate hundreds of thousands of unique pieces of content each year while saving time & money. The product has been featured in Forbes, Wired, Entrepreneur Magazine and more because it's the future of marketing!

Benefits: Save Time & Money Generate Hundreds Of Thousands Unique Pieces Of Quality Content Each Year Automatically Creates Evergreen And Personalized Articles.



Copysmith is a content management system that offers an API and other integrations to allow employees, customers, or even developers to automate the production of large quantities of high-quality written content in any format.

Benefits: Automate The Production Of Large Quantities Of High-Quality Written Content In Any Format Get Control Over Your Company's Voice And Personality Reduce Costly Manual Workflows Improve SEO Boost Conversions Through User Engagement With Unique Original Articles Guaranteed Quality

Content Villain Logo

Content Villain

Content Villain is another AI powered content generator with a wide range of templates.  A few things that set them apart from competitors are an affordable $10 per month plan, included plagiarism checks, and 3rd party integrations.


  • $10 per month plan
  • $25 plan includes unlimited generations
  • Plagiarism Check Included
  • Integrations With Zapier and Intergromat
  • Ability to train the AI using your own content


I was a little disappointed when I went to buy the life time deal and found they raised the price significantly, and its now sold out. 

Learn more about it in our Content Villain review.


ContentBot.AI Logo

Content Bot

Content Bot is another AI software that offered a wide range of generators and functionality.  A few things they offer that competitors do not, including the following.


  • Supposed to have a free forever plan
  • Utilize both GPT-3 and Tiny Seed AI
  • GPT-3 For Most Templates
  • Tiny Seed AI For Articles & Longer Form Content


  • Supposed to have a free forever plan, but when my trial ended, it keeps asking me to upgrade before I can even use the short form editor. 
  • The UI felt clunky and wasn't easy to use.
  • Slower while generating content. Logo


Kafka-AI uses deep learning to produce human-like outputs - such as articles or news stories.  It generates articles based on three different input methods.  The first is just a niche or topic, the second option is a niche plus you also provide it a paragraph of seed content, and last is a general article based on your seed paragraph that can be on any topic at all.

Kafkai was developed by Niteo, who created other successful solutions like WooCart, Easy Blog Networks, and more over the years.  They have been deeply involved in SEO, and have leveraged their knowledge to create this article generator.  Its articles should perform better in search engines since they are created with SEO in mind and should be more relevant than a typical content generator would output.  

This is the tool that is most focused on SEO out of all of the generators that we have covered in this article.   You can learn more about it in our full review of KafkAI. is a content generation software that can help you create website and blog content, ad copy, product descriptions, social media posts, and more. uses natural language processing and AI to create compelling content.


  • Over 70 Tools


  • Base Plan Starts At $49 per month, but does include unlimited runs.


AI Writer

AI Writer is an advanced AI writing solution. Its proprietary artificial intelligence technology allows a computer to write original content that is engaging, creative and interesting.


WordHero is an AI writing software that uses GPT-3 to help you create content.  It will help you create articles, ad copy, video descriptions, social media posts and more with just a couple clicks.  After some light editing and proofreading it can be ready to post.  If you like what you see in our evaluation of WordHero, be sure to check out the LTD on Appsumo.  You can get the life time deal for the same price as a single monthly payment right now.


Other Tools We Are Either Planning To Or Currently Are Testing:

  • Copy AI
  • Peppertype AI
  • Profit Writer
  • AI Kontent


Last Updated:  January 28, 2023
By:  Scott

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